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Josie Porter Farm

Home of Cherry Valley CSA

On-Farm CSA Distribution

Picking Up Vegetables at the Josie Porter Farm


What to Bring:

·        Baskets or bags to carry home all your produce

·        Money for cheese, bread, honey, maple syrup, etc.

·        Compost for our compost piles


         What can be included in your compost?

  • Food scraps, especially vegetable and fruit trimmings, eggshells, tea bags, and coffee grounds
  • Yard, garden wastes, including leaves, small twigs, pruned branches, small weeds, or mulch

    What should not be included in your compost?
  • Meat and dairy scraps, including bones, cheese and milk products
  • Greasy foods
  • Diseased or invasive plants

Times, location, and parking:

Member pick-ups will be at the Josie Porter Farm.  Farm distributions are held on Tuesday’s and Fridays from 3:00-7:00 p.m.

Click here for directions.


In the Distribution Shed, How to Pick-Up Your Vegetables:
When you first walk in, there will be a large dry erase board listing the vegetables and quantities of vegetables in your share for this week as well as which pick your own (PYO) crops can be picked.  

The vegetables in your share (all except PYO) will be in bins on tables, clearly labeled and scales will be nearby.  Some items will be bunched; some you will weigh out for yourself.

You will be receiving an e-newsletter each week that highlights what you will be receiving in your share, news from the field and recipe suggestions.  Let us know if you do not have Internet access and we can make paper copies available.

Finally, picking up your produce is meant to be an exciting, leisurely, grateful time.  Take a moment to get to know other shareholders, exchange recipes and greet the farmers & farm hands.

If you can’t make it to distribution:

If you are going to be away on your distribution day, you are responsible for arranging with a neighbor, friend or relative to pick up and/or use your share.  Or, if you need another day to pick up your share, please let us know a week ahead of time by calling 570-992-5731 or emailing  Otherwise, we’ll donate your food to a local food bank, non-CSA member volunteers or soup kitchen.


Please don’t expect us to have a share for you if you haven’t notified us that you will not be there.  All food that is left unaccounted for is donated, composted, or fed to our chickens.