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Josie Porter Farm

Home of Cherry Valley CSA

Learning Garden

The Children's Garden


We invite you to join us during CSA distribution hours behind the distribution center to learn with us in the garden!  This year, 2019, our CSA kids will have a portion of the garden to plant, cultivate and get their hands dirty. If you and your children would like to participate, please contact us. 

Children are encouraged to bring tools and some tools will be provided so that they can immerse themselves in the educational wonderland we have created. Parents are given a first hand look at the interest and sense of awe that arises as their children embark on their very own gardening journey. The Learning Garden at the Josie Porter Farm is for kids and adults to work side by side, deepening their relationship to each other, the earth and their food. 

 When: Every Tuesday and Friday between 4pm to 6:45pm, starting June 7, 2019


Where: Learning Garden behind the Distribution Center