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Josie Porter Farm

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Produce list

Produce list for 2019 from our family of farms
SPRING (May - early June) SUMMER (June - August) FALL (September - early November)
Asparagus Amaranth/Orach Arugula
Basil Beans (pick your own)
Garlic scapes Beans (snap, wax & edamame) Beets
Green onions        (Pick your own beans) Boc Choi
Lettuce (head & leaf) Beets Broccoli
Peas (snap & snow) Broccoli Broccoli Raab
Radish Cabbage (red & green) Cabbage (red & green)
Rhubarb Carrots Carrots
Spinach Cauliflower Cauliflower
Spring garlic Cucumbers Chard
Spinach Eggplant Collard Greens
Turnips Cut Flowers (Pick your own) Eggplant
Watercress  Garlic Endive/Escarole
Assorted Culinary Herbs Leeks Fennel
(Pick your own) Letttuce  Garlic
 Basil Onions Kale
 Chives Okra Kohlrabi
 Cilantro Peppers (bell & hot) Lettuce
 Dill Potatoes Mizuna
 Mint Sweet Corn Onions
 Oregano Swiss Chard Peanuts
 Parsley Tomatoes Peppers (bell & hot)
 Sage Watermelon/Melons Potatoes (spuds & sweet)
 Thyme Zucchini/Squash Pumpkins (cooking & carving)
  Assorted Culinary Herbs Radish
  (Pick your own) Rutabaga
    Winter squash (delicata, hubbard, etc)